The plug & play network security appliance and mobile app for protecting your home and family online. Over 30,000 homes have already chosen Fingbox to secure their network and devices.

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Get all the standard Fingbox features included in the cost. There is no monthly subscription needed to access the standard Fingbox features.

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All components are included with your purchase. It’s easy to use and takes minutes to set-up. Read the reviews to find out more.


Parental Controls

The perfect, easy to use device for managing your children online. Fingbox includes 1-click parental control features.

  • Internet Outage Scheduling
  • Device Blocking in 1-click
  • Device Usage & Monitoring
  • Track who is home and online
Image of a man WiFi troubleshooting under a table while using the Fingbox software for parental control, network security, device blocking and remote monitoring
Image of the Fingbox App screen for WiFi Performance testing.

Network Performance

Network speed slowing you down? Wonder if your ISP really delivers? Fingbox helps you improve your network performance, so your connection is faster and more reliable.

  • ISP Outage Monitoring
  • ISP ranking by city and country
  • Automated Internet Speed Tests
  • WiFi Speed Tests
  • Bandwidth Analysis

Network Security

  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • Event Monitoring
  • Intruder Detection
  • Opened Port Detection
  • Ability to close Opened Ports by UPnP
  • Alerts about Rogue and Evil Twin Access Points
  • KRACK Attack and MiTM Attack Detection
Image of an app in hand being used for network security.
Image of the Fingbox App network security check features on the app.

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Getting Fingbox unlocks premium features in the free Fing network scanning app which has over 30 million downloads.

Add Fingbox to your Network

Fingbox is the digital companion that helps you manage, secure and control your home network and all the devices attached to it. With Fingbox you can manage, secure and control your network, anytime from anywhere.


Peter r.

“Easy setup and easy to use.”

After the finbox arrived, I’ve immediately installed it in my environment and it was very easy to set-up and understand. Now, after a few weeks of use, it already helped me cleaning-up old permissions to people accessing my network and it gives me a feeling that I am overall better protected than before.

Abdulrahman A.

“The best thing to buy is Fingbox.”

I always wanted a full control of my network; with Fingbox my dream just came true. Thank you.

Paul S.

“A good Fing.”

Very useful device. I can see all devices in my network and check WiFi speeds.

I like the digital fence – I can see what is going on near me and I can block unauthorised attempts to join my network. Good app and product. Alerts work. Customer support is good..


Learn all about Fingbox by watching the videos below